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          Professional grating solution supplier. Top grating manufacturer in China.

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          Welcome to our company

          About Us

          Ningbo Jiulong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (NJMM)
          Is one of the leading manufacturers specializing in producing press-welded steel grating in China. Located in the famous port city —Ningbo.
          It has convenient traffic and superior location with only 30-minute drive to Ningbo Lishe International Airport and only 25-minute drive to Ningbo Port—the famous international sea port with the advantage of non-silting, deep-water and ice-free all year round.


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          Latest News

          • 12/03 22

            Happy Birthday

            There are twelve members of the staff have their birthday in March. We thank for contribution they made and wish them all enjoy happiness! ve
          • NJMM prepared cakes for colleagues who had their birthdays in January and February, let's wish them happy birthday together!
          • On January 29 2022,?our company holds orientation activities, there were a lot of games and prizes, and everyone had a good time.  
          • On February 6, Ningbo Jiulong Machinery Manufacturing has started work. On the first day of work in 2022,employees are lining up in front of the company to receive the " red envelope". All employees who come to work will get the " red envelope". When everyone goes to work happily on the first day...
          • At?end of? November, the Company Workers' Union organized a tug of war, the workers relaxed a lot in the competition    
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