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          Industry news

          • Installation of Steel Grating

            There are two ways of installations for steel grating,One way is by welding and the other is by installation for fastener. Welded fixing?is suitable for those places where there is no need to move or dismantling,?such as the platforms?around the equipment. And adopting the clip fixing will be muc...
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          • Compound steel grating

            Compound steel grating?is composed of plate on sealed surface & steel grating with certain spanning capability. Compound steel grating is formed of any type of steel grating and chequered plate in different thickness. The grating of JG323/40/100, JG253/30/100 or JG323/60/100 is widely used a...
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          • Open Steel Grating and Closed Steel Grating

            Steel bar grating is a good choice for strength, safety, long-term cost and durability. And it can be divided into open steel grating and closed steel grating. Open steel grating means the steel grating with open ends.The two sides of the steel grating with no frame. The common size is 900mmx 580...
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          • Galvanized Stair Tread

            Longta stair tread is made of steel grating, and widely used in all steel ladder.The surface treatment of stair tread is hot dip galvanized. There are 8 types of treads distinguished by different nosing & installation. ( 1 ) According to the anti slipping demand, the stair tread can be divid...
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          • the advantages of Pressure welded steel grating

            Pressure welded steel grating usually made of low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, is a grating with meshes. We can fabricate in accordance with customers' requirement of pressure welded steel grating. With the hot-dip galvanized coating, its corrosion resistance and durability have be...
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          • Application of Bar Grating

            The bar grating is widely used in our daily?life, such as stair tread grating, platform grating, etc. Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kind steel bar grating. We have advanced equipments, full-fledged technology as well as rich manufacture and management experience i...
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          • Heavy duty steel grating

            Heavy?duty steel?grating is a steel grating product specially developed for special load-bearing occasions. Structural features: Steel grating plate with flat steel width of more than 65mm and bearing flat steel thickness of 6mm or more; cross bar is usually flat steel or steel with diameter of ...
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          • The introduction of steel grating

            Steel grating is a kind of open steel member which the bearing bar & corss bar are jointed at their intersections by welding or locking. The bearing bar is that the main load carrying bar made from slit sheet, extending in the direction of the grating span.The cross bars are connectors, made ...
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